Evolution Of A Pit Bull Attack – “It’s All How You Raise Them”

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I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this blog and I’m not trying to say “I told you so.” Well, maybe I am a little.

This was just sent to me by an anonymous source. It shows how quickly and most importantly how unpredictable pit bulls can be. But first, a few screenshots from the 2011 Texas study, Mortality, mauling, and maimings by vicious dogs.

Mortality Characteristics Bred NOT to show aggression meme with highlights

Mortality Characteristics tenacity continue attack tempermant not issue with highlights


1901367_10203190966594496_1821631670_nThe American Pit Bull Terrier is, like all the ‘bully’ breeds, one of this group of descendants of the British ‘bull and terrier’ type fighting bulldogs. Once imported into the United States, it was bred up to be bigger again, and again used in baiting animals and in dogfighting. The American Kennel Club (founded 1884) was unwilling to register these fighting dogs, so in 1898 the United Kennel Club was founded specifically to register working pit-fighting dogs and to promote dogfighting. In order to be registered, a dog had to first win three pit fights7,8,9. The American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) became a ‘breed’. As dogfighting declined in popularity in the 1930s and 1940s, Colby (the most famous and prolific breeder of these dogs) began to search for a new market and began promoting the APBT as family pets10,11. This despite the fact that his breeding lines included child killers12.

Click here to read the full American Pit Bull Terrier breed bio

Admining a few Facebook pages myself, I run into this almost on a daily basis. “It’s not the owner, it’s how they are raised” are some of the most 9 deadly words I can imagine. If it is “all how they’re raised” then that must mean ALL other owners of NON pit bulls must be the best dog owners on the planet.

Phase one: Taunt the actual victims of pit bull attacks by implying that THEY must have raised them wrong. Put the word “vicious” in parenthesis to show all the “Foamers” and “haters” how ignorant they are.

Tyler Trover vicious pit bull mocking part 2 our vicious pit bull

Phase two: Post some pics on Facebook and again reassure people it’s “all how you raise them.” Get a whole bunch of likes and new friends. Have your friends talk about how unfair it is that BSL is coming to their town as well. Talk about how acknowledging negative traits in breeds is “Discrimination.” Tell people how Chihuahua’s bite more.

Taylor McDowell Trover vicious pit bull mocking #1Miles is loving, it's all how you raise themPitiot comments

Phase three: Learn the hard way. Have your child mauled within an inch of their life. Receive 200 stitches and get airlifted to St. Louis Children’s hospital where your child will await surgery in an effort to save her salivary glands.

Lyndsey Stone aftermath part 3

The end.

2014-03-14-22.17.461-300x300I looked at my son and he turned over and looked at me for a split second and then dropped his head to the ground. I ran to him and picked him up. I put my hands around his neck instantly because that’s where I seen our pit bull biting him. I felt the hot blood squirting out on to my hands. I was screaming for someone to call 911. I couldn’t let my son die in the back yard so I picked him up and ran inside, laid him on the counter and called 911. His was blue. Like a blueberry. There was blood coming out of his mouth and his tongue was between his lips. He was gone. I could feel and see his lifeless body.

We thought he was going to be a great dog. He acted like one. He was a good example of a good pit. Until he just decided to attack. He slept in our bed and everything. We never left the kids alone with him. They were never mean to him. We had 5 other dogs including another female pit and they never fought.

It’s NOT the way they are raised. Our dog was well loved and raised. He obeyed all commands and never showed any aggression. These myths almost cost my sons life. How many more people have to get hurt because of a lie?”

Jennifer Arp


bexar-485531_174313889395141_70745326_nMy boyfriend Greg had had a pitbull named Bexar for 6 and a half years. He’d raised him from a pup and Bexar was a very well behaved dog and listened to everything Greg would tell him. Greg and I got together over 2 years ago, moved in with each other and Bexar came too. I instantly fell in love with Bexar. He was my “sweet boy”. He would give you kisses for hours, even smiled at us every time we walked in the door.

The backdoor was open and suddenly we heard people screaming from outside. Bexar, with zero warning, had lunged at Gavin, and his jaws were clamped down on Gavin’s face, right in front of everyone. Let me point out that there were 8 people within arms reach of Gavin when Bexar attacked. This is a critical point, because I have heard from many people about this, who say that they would never leave their children “alone” with “any” dog. Gavin was far from being alone when this attack happened. Even 4 grown men were unable to pry Bexar’s jaws off of Gavin’s head. Greg ran out and was finally able to get Bexar to release, saving Gavin’s life.”

Maggie Bain


2014-kara-hatrich-fatal-dog-attackAs I rounded the corner I could see the street was blocked off , full of firetrucks, police, and families standing outside–i still wondered what was going on, I was flagged and told to pull over , I then looked up and saw that it was my house they were all at, my yard was taped in crime scene ribbon, full of police officers, fire personnel, lots of noise and commotion, i was met by police officers, my husband covered in blood, and my mother, all of whom were screaming, and crying , and telling me it was bad, so very bad, i asked for my kids, Kaylee was at the the neighbors, it was my Kara, my Kara had been attacked by our family pit bulls, I was told to go to the neighbors, wasn’t allowed to go anywhere near my house, or my yard, told to wait that they were ” working ” on her. I never got to see her to hold her hand, to let her know i was there and that i loved her.. I screamed , i cried, i prayed, i was dying inside …..

The dogs she also loved and cherished……yes any dog can and will bite—- but any dog is not capable of this devastation—— please do not let your children anywhere near this breed of dog,,,something has gone horribly and inexplicably wrong with them—- it is not worth losing them, please i beg, i couldn’t stand if one more parent had to live the hell that we are living now.

My brother had raised many pit bulls and one particularly captured our hearts…He was the sweetest well mannered gentle dog I had ever seen…I was always told the aggressive ones were because they were trained to fight and it was all in how they were raised….and if u got them from puppies that was the best way to raise any dog…Both of the dogs who attacked were brought home as puppies and picked out by Kara…These dogs never displayed any people aggression. ..Always sat dutifully by her side, watched her have tea parties, sat by her side when she was sick, thought they were lap dogs and liked to snuggle…..no warnings, no snapping, no growling…….just snapped!”

Roxanne Hartrich


john-triton-harvard-killed-by-pit-bull-300x206Suddenly an 80-100 lb, 8-month old, pit bull entered the yard and attacked him, unprovoked. The dog continued to bite, eat and drag little John all the way across the yard, over 20″ from the spot he first attacked. Bradley, John’s older brother, was horrified as he was riding his bike home from a friends house at that moment and saw what he thought was a dummy with red hair being dragged by a dog. He quickly realized it was his little brother and ran toward them, kicking at the dog, it raises up and growled then continued to drag john,it wouldn’t stop. Little John was still crying for help as Bradley ran inside to get their Daddy. He said he kicked the door in screaming, the kitchen stove fan was running so he had to kick the bedroom door in. He jumped from bed,Their Daddy ran out yelled and yelled which caused the dog to step back and prepare to charge him. As the dog stepped back, their Daddy was able to shoot the at the dog 16 rounds hitting him three times. One directly in the forehead grazing him cause he moved, one in the ear and one in the leg that finally caused him to drop long enough to grab John and put him in the truck. By that time he couldn’t speak but was still breathing and responding with his one eye he had left.

Children are blessings from God. Dogs are animals, I understand peoples love for animals and a lot of people choose or may not be able to have children so have these dogs and treat them as their own kids. They will always be animals, not children. For those who choose the dangerous breeds please stop and think, is it worth taking the chance on it turning and killing our children and family members?”

Johnna Harvard


beau-rutledge-2013-fatal-pit-bull-attack-photosOur son was brutally killed by our pet pit bull of 8 years…On April 24, 2013 we lost both our beautiful son Beau and our family dog, affectionately known as Kissy Face. Our dog had been part of our family for 8 years and lived up to her name, for she was eager to overload everyone with kisses. Oh, she was such a very loving and family oriented dog. Kissy Face had been around since her birth on November 22, 2005.

Then with no warning, matters changed dramatically and our world was irrevocably altered. Shortly after Beau’s 2nd birthday, I made a quick trip to the restroom. Just a few minutes later I returned to find my son lying in a pool of his own blood. It was the most horrific day of my life and a day that would signal the end of innocence. Our dog sat next to my son’s body looking confused as if she didn’t understand why Beau wasn’t getting up. The screams from my voice were so loud and so terrifying that our neighbors (two doors over) rushed over and joined in with my horrific screams! Rewinding back to the year 2005, I was told by some random person that pit bulls were aggressive and were bred to fight other dogs to the death. Then, I was also told by another random person at our dog’s veterinarian the very opposite. It was explained to me that if you raise pit bulls with love and care they are just as gentle, loving, and domesticated as any other household dog breed. Therefore, we truly believed that with love and the proper up bringing that the nurture factor would override the nature of this breed dog.”

Angela Rutledge


BettyTodd“I went to see my mother. I desperately wanted to hold her soft, gentle hands again. I wanted to hug her one last time. She had huge bite marks on her right ankle, right leg, all over her hands and arms, as if she was used as a bone. Her hands were horrible. I learned later that she fought so hard, when they pried her hands open to remove the dog’s hair, the dog’s skin was attached. Her right shoulder was dislocated in a backward fashion, half her right face was missing, as well as part of her right neck, and most of her right ear. My mother had bite marks all over her face, neck, and scalp. Her vocal box was ripped, that’s why my niece only heard one yell. Her C1 & C2 were fractured; part of her spinal cord was ripped from her lifeless body. She fought and fought. She suffered from a horrific, sustained, vicious and violent attack at the jaws of a completely unpredictable breed of dog. My mother’s autopsy report shows her wounds to be consistent with defending her grandchild. The report states that my mother was defending her grandchild. My mother is a hero. She saved my nephew’s life.

The entire money trail of the pit bull protection movement is appalling. I will not stop digging until the truth is known. I will not stop demanding change from these so-called “professionals”. I will not stop demanding accountability for the advice they give out that gets dozens of people killed every year. My mother was a kind, gentle soul who simply did not deserve such a violent death. Something good has to come from her gruesome, unnecessary death.”

Ruth Halleran


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